QSX Box 6.5 "Finishbox

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QuickBox ™ QSX - the first box specially designed for use with chemically hardening filler eg Easy Sand, Magnum Sure bond, Sudden Bond mm set time from 90-300 minutes.

The 6 ½ "QuickBox ™ QSX is the perfect tool for drywallers who prefer to use fast-setting putty fittings. QuickBox ™ QSX can be used for first and finish coat and for corner railing

QuickBox ™ QSX is constructed of polypropylene which means that the pulp can not get stuck in the box. This makes the box easy to clean.

QuickBox ™ QSX features:

  • A glass-filled polypropylene shell that provides a smooth surface with maximum strength and durability.
  • Large wheels to roll easily over any kind of plaster panels
  • Pressure plate that opens completely for easy filling and cleaning. The box can be filled easily with the pump, mud tupe or in the hand
  • ultra-fast blade change.
  • The box fits all types of box shafts such as Northstar, Tapepro, Tape Tech mm