Spray Particle Medium 15 L bags

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Medium spray particle sandblasting type very suitable in airless pumps like Graco t-max, Mk-5, Mk-10, Wagner, Titan pumps and various screw pumps such as Pft Swing. The putty is sanded with grain 120-150. Can also be used for loading paper reinforcement on plasterboard joints.


Product info.
Grinding properties of grain: 120-150
Tools: Hand trowel, airless pump, box and bazuka
Attendance: Freezing.
Capacity: 1 m2. Ca. 1 L at 1 mm layering
Packing: 15 liters of plastic bags, about 16 kg
Working temperature min: 13 °.
Color: Light Gray
Density: 1.05 Kg / l
Template code: 00-1
Cleaning: water