Magnum Surebund 20 Join/finish powder, 8.17 Kg

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END WITH WAITING TIME! All-round putty powder for all types of putty jobs.
4 different opening hours 5 * 20 * 45 * 90 minutes
Weighs 30% less than other filler powders. Superb grinding properties of grain 120-150

NEW. Magnum Surebund is super lightweight putty for all putty tasks. SureBund is chemically hardening filler powder with choice of pot times 5-20-45-90 minutes. Filler powder is added to cold water to the desired consistency. The filler powder is distinguished by: fastest and easy to mix, light-weight filler, soups filling capacity, ground with grain 120-180. approved for plaster joints with paper reinforcement. CE and 13963: 2006

cleaning with water