Mixer Flatspray 10

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Flatspray 10 is a compact, quiet and 230 volt lightweight airless pump. The machine is easy to move with, is perfect for the craftsman who needs a small compact machine for small and medium-sized tasks. Flatspray drives 90% of all spray particles in the Scandinavian market. The machine is very simple in construction easy to change spare parts and quick to clean. Flatspray can be obtained with bags of reels and lid for the container. The machine is available in two versions Standard Edition and Comfort Edition. ring and hear approach.


Technical Features.


Working pressure max 80 Bar Max
Maximum flow up to 5 L per minute
Engine 1.5 Kw
Power 230 V / 10 A
pump type Rotor / stator
Snake 10 m, Ø20 mm
Retain size 50 L
Weight 45 Kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 60 * 43 * 71 cm
Pistol Jet Pro or choice