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GBT Airless Filler Pump is designed for application to spray particles. The machine runs 99% of all available spray particles in the Scandinavian market, which gives you freedom of choice when buying putty. The machine is, as one of the only ones, developed for this sole purpose of applying putty. GBT pump is made of stainless steel with a superb trolley for bags. The machine weighs only 95 kg and has a width of 75 cm. Machine moves easily as it has 4 large wheels. This pump should be seen in use. Possibility of financing.


Why choose RS500 paddle pump:

Simple construction, no oil and no spheres and gaskets and not least no fancy electronics

Even flow no pump shock

A unit, ie. pump and container in the same unit

A unit makes moving around easier on the construction site

The machine's construction eliminates a major problem of false air or suction problems.

Runs with very thick consistency compared to eg Graco mark 10, Wagner HC960 and T-max

The Rs500 is available in two versions Standard Edition and Comfort Edition, Call and hear more

Data .: GBT 500RS

Power: 230 Volt

Max Pressure: 150 Bar

Working pressure 100-150 Bar

Hose: 20 - 30 m

Transmission: Direct with variable speed

Material Flow: 6 L / min

Container: 70 liters putty

Nozzles: 535-537-543-545

Dimensions: 120 * 75 * 80 Cm

Weight: 95 Kg